Dentists in France

The dentists are in charge of our oral hygiene, they are the people specialized in the care of our mouth, teeth, etc. The dentists in France are very kind people, not as they paint it in many places or in some movies. In very distant times the dentitas were considered as scary figures, going to the dentist was not something very pleasurable physically as visually due to the tools that these used to take care of the teeth of their patients, they were very bloodthirsty tools to say so , sharp knives, saws and other sharp and chilling utensils that seem to be of medical use except for the care of the mouth. Nowadays dentists are very common and very visited, given that people have a high sense when caring for their teeth, in France a highly developed and innovative country dentists have tools with which you will not even realize you were there, You will not feel pain and if it is, this pain will be minimal. The utensils are very advanced since this country has a very broad technological development, monitors, micro cameras and more compact tools to make the experience a little more cozy and not as chilling as in the past. We can find dental clinics in almost all of France and its cities, being Paris the one with the most teeth specialists, like many other businesses, companies dentists have different ways of communicating with their patients, through electronic means, post office , messages and social networks to let you know their promotions, their opening hours and rest days. Their prices are very accessible and everything is dependent on the work we want to do, usually many French dentists or veterinaries ( veterinaire garde ) provide the first free consultation others to include the first cleaning for free, this is an initiative that many have taken to attract and expand their customer portfolio.

Just as there are insurances for these doctors, hospitals, clinics and social insurances there are dental insurances in the same way something that France has known how to exploit and develop is a first world country in this regard. Many people in France eat from home because of the rite of life or work they carry and the lack of time forces them to look for food that could be unhealthy and without benefits, many others eat sweets in large quantities, mostly children who visit the dentist in search of a cleaning until tooth extraction.

The European dentists are very practical and there are many dental specialists and surgeons, there are efficient technicians in the repair of teeth and even in the creation of a complete dental structure, the costs of these vary depending on the type of implant material that the patient wants, In general, the most common cases that dentists treat are caries, cleaning, whitening and extractions that are generally as mentioned by the children of the home who move their teeth.

What can we expect?

In Paris is one of the best dental clinics in the country, in this the success rate in each operation is complex to the simplest is 100%, their doctors are specialists in the field, we can have the perception that by going To the dentist we will hear strange noises and screams while we are in the waiting room waiting patiently for our turn, that is a myth that today has become blurred, it is very common to see in these clinics places set for children, many clinics south of France even educates its patients and insists on the care of their mouth and teeth through very educational videos on how to prevent diseases and to have a perfect smile, which is something that we long for today.

There are young dentists who are having very interesting initiatives in some regions of France, mostly in small provinces, some set up their mobile improvised stores and put them in different places offering more practical and cheap services always with an excellent result, the care of the mouth is not cheap at all, for example a person who has a deformity in the teeth or a problem that has to be corrected with braces is a bit expensive, since these are around 2000 euros in some cases, but these same initiatives of young people have brought a little cheaper options for the pockets of the French, that lack of space or money to rent a place, has led them to develop techniques that accommodate the needs of average people who can not afford spend thousands of euros on the care of your mouth and in the same way gives them access to better dental hygiene.

Dental clinics in large cities such as Paris, for the high number of people demanding their service are usually composed of more than one dentist ( geo allo ), many times a group of recent graduates come together and form projects that have become long-term in these large French clinics, something very contrary to small cities where anywhere you would find a very home dental clinic, small but cozy and very safe, which mostly consists of a dentist plus an assistant or a couple of dentist and an assistant, although because they are small or homelike, most of them have an operating room where the patient can see what is being practiced through a monitor that shows him the inside of his mouth in real time. most common situations where the patient does not need to sleep, as there are other more complicated ones that require anesthesia, anesthesiologist for being a bit more s complex and need the patient completely sedated. Whether for care, prevention or necessity it is always good to have a trusted dentist, who can have our file at hand and who knows us, this is very common in France, doctors, dentists almost always treat the same patients for years, for the same confidence that they provide, a curious fact is that France is among the countries with fewer dental problems, something that in past centuries would not have been true for carelessness, but this country has advanced so much that people Every day they worry about every aspect of their health.